I’ve noticed in the late model Ford and Dodge trucks that the seats hold stains like a magnet. As far as spot cleaning, well good luck. For some reason Ford and Dodge have gone to a really tight woven fabric in their seats, don’t know if its for a cost reason or a cosmetic reason. Whatever it is I don’t like it, and from what I’ve heard around the car lots is that they don’t like the cloth seats either. They all have bad stains, and they are having a time trying to get them out. The bad stains are like water spots in the cloth. Well, the only way I have found to removing the bad stains is by scrubbing the seats with a brush with soap and water, and soaking the entire seat , then extracting the soapy water out with an automotive extractor. Basically what you are doing by soaking the seat is creating one big water spot… I know this sounds weird but it works. Then dry the seats with towels to get some of the moisture out, then turn your truck’s heat on high, close the windows and let it run for about 30 minutes to complete the drying process, because u don’t want a mildewy truck either. So, good luck cleaning your bad stains in your cloth seats, I hope this little trick works for you.

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