In a previous post I had talked about the cloth seats in the Ford and Chrysler vehicles and how hard it was to get the bad stains out and that I was looking for a cleaner to remove these stains. I think I’ve found the secret. Foam, yes I said foam. A foaming spray cleaner […]

This is a hard one for me to put out there for the average person to read because a lot of the products I use in my leather repairs are sold for professional use and if you don’t know how to use them properly you can make a bad thing look like a really bad […]

Sorry not meaning to be so harsh, it’s just for the past two nights I have been trying to get my website back up and running correctly. So a big apology to my viewers for the glitch in the site. The problem was in the update from WordPress.  The new 2.5 version was released with […]

This is one thing that theres NOT a lot that can be done to fix. Leather has a grain, and a natural tendency to crease in a fashion that isn’t that appealing to some. Keeping the leather soft by keeping it clean and conditioning it can keep those creases from turning into cracks and in […]

Sounds like I’m campaigning for an abortion rights rally or something, but no, really all I’m saying is the choice in paint guns is your key to a good or a bad repair. There are so many choices though, you have airbrushes, gravity feed guns, siphon feed guns, HVLP guns (and for those of you […]

Paint prep is the key to success in any paint project. Whether your painting the outside or inside of your car you need to have a good grease and particle free area for your job to be a success, and success is what it’s about when your trying to make money at what you do. […]