As I search the internet I can’t help to see a lot of self fixes for doing interior repairs. Not to say that they are sub standard or don’t work, it’s just, they are not made to hold up. It’s a quick fix that really doesn’t fix anything. Thats where you have to break down […]

There are so many different types of automotive leather seat repair, all with different situations and applications. There are holes, scratches, gouges, cuts, scrapes, worn or cracked, and just down right grungy looking leather seats. I think I got them all covered, well in this article we’re going to talk about how to repair a […]

In a previous post I had talked about the cloth seats in the Ford and Chrysler vehicles and how hard it was to get the bad stains out and that I was looking for a cleaner to remove these stains. I think I’ve found the secret. Foam, yes I said foam. A foaming spray cleaner […]

This is a hard one for me to put out there for the average person to read because a lot of the products I use in my leather repairs are sold for professional use and if you don’t know how to use them properly you can make a bad thing look like a really bad […]

Sorry not meaning to be so harsh, it’s just for the past two nights I have been trying to get my website back up and running correctly. So a big apology to my viewers for the glitch in the site. The problem was in the update from WordPress.  The new 2.5 version was released with […]