I got an email here a while back from a gentleman by the name of Cesar Alexander Chavez Flores in Mexico a local upholstery professional asking some advice on leather restoration,what leather dyes to use and how to apply them ect. We passed emails back and forth for while on different stuff . Well a […]

Making a repair on Vinyl or Leather hold and last for years is an ongoing quest for all of us automotive interior professionals. Lately I’ve been playing around a bit more with my iron in my repairs and have found it really has saved me on some of my repairs. It’s a tool that to […]

I come across certain products every once in a while that I just can’t pass up due to the simplicity and permanent factor.  With the fast paced world we live in today simple and permanent are something we dont get very often. But I think I’ve found something thats going to revolutionize the way automotive headlights are […]