I come across certain products every once in a while that I just can’t pass up due to the simplicity and permanent factor.  With the fast paced world we live in today simple and permanent are something we dont get very often. But I think I’ve found something thats going to revolutionize the way automotive headlights are restored and become a regular staple to any Automotive Restoration Tech, Detail Shop or even Automotive Dealers as well. Now I know from being in the automotive business that there are “Headlight Restoration Kits”, and I did put that in quotes for a reason, and I think you know why… they Don’t work! Or they work alright they just don’t last. Well with the Safe Light Headlight Restoration Kit your worries are gone. No more hoping it will work or thinking its worked… how bout it worked and worked right? Whats so special about this headlight resoration kit is that process is so easy and virtually fool proof if the steps are followed right.  Its safe for the vehicle and you as well and the best thing about this process is that its a permanent fix to a plagued market of failed processes.

I ran across the Safe Light Headlight Restoration Kit at the 2012 Mobile Tech Expo. I met up with Dennis and Andy with Auto Cosmetics in Lilburn, GA. the brains behind this system and what a great set of guys as well. Dennis is Andy’s father and Dennis has done a great job raising one stand up guy. Andy is a mad man when it comes to the selling and demonstration of this kit. He virtually had the whole show checking this kit out. Even put a few of the ” headlight restoration professionals”, their competitors, to shame with this system in some one on one competition. But beyond the fact of the kits Dennis and Andy are 2 very well respected guys in their business and have spent the time and the energy to develop a company and a service which in my book stands for some recognition. Now this isn’t some monkey business headlight restoration kitthat has been thrown together either. Dennis has really done his research with the headlight restoration process. It took him a little over 3 years to design and develop this system with I’m sure with lots of trial and error. The process is so easy and works on any plastic headlight.Here’s a video that was put together by Dennis and his team and it really shows you how easy and fool proof  the Safe Light Headlight Restoration Kit really is. There is such a Wow when your done with this process you will amaze your customers every time!

Now, there are a few tricks that I will recommend you do to have the maximum results out of this kit. Temperature and moisture are 2 things in this process that make a huge difference in your end results. First temperature, the headlights and the Headlight Clear Coat have to be warm, and I cant stress this part enough. The reason for this is that the specially designed clear has to be warm for the resins to flow correctly, otherwise your finish results are lumpy. The clear just doesn’t smooth out like it should. This is easily remedied though by simply putting the can on the defroster, set on hot, and warm it up. Or just sit it in the sun for a bit, even on days of 70 degrees or so, it wouldn’t hurt to warm the can up. You want your Headlights to look New don’t ya? 😉 Next moisture. Moisture isn’t really a major key in this process but it definitely helps. While prepping if you say wipe the headlight with denatured alcohol or some other solvent, thinking like I would to remove the silicone’s, this removes all the moisture from the plastic which will mess with this clear coat. The specially designed Headlight Clear Coat is designed in a way that moisture helps with the flow as well. In fact the only prepping that is really required is wet sanding and then a final wipe, with water, to remove all goo and grime. Dennis discovered this when a customer was having problems with the lights just not taking the clear coat right. Well after some discussion of how he was doing the steps and come to find out he was wiping them down with a solvent prior to clearing the lights instead of just water thinking he was helping matters by removing all the silicone’s which really he was removing not only the silicone’s but all the moisture as well. But the one thing with this system that really set me off and well we all know things just happen with Clear Coats. Either a bug or a dust bunny flies into your work, or the inevitable run, or you forgot to warm the can up and your results are just not so good. No need to worry because with this Headlight Kit comes a Clear Coat Remover.  All you have to do is spray the Clear Coat Remover on the light while the clear is still wet and simply wipe it off and start over. You may have to take a little steal wool to help out but that’s it. You just start over by wet sanding a little and then re-shoot the headlight. Fool Proof! Well all you Automotive Restoration Techs this is it! This is the only Headlight Restoration Kit you will need to restore those yellowed crusty headlights. So don’t hesitate and go to ReconItRight.com right now and order yours. Oh and one last thing as well, no need to keep buying kits if you run out of supplies, I have restock of all the components of the Safe Light Headlight Restoration Kit so if you run out of just one thing, well that’s all you have to order. Pretty cool huh? I thought so…ReconItRight.com    


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