This is one thing that theres NOT a lot that can be done to fix. Leather has a grain, and a natural tendency to crease in a fashion that isn’t that appealing to some. Keeping the leather soft by keeping it clean and conditioning it can keep those creases from turning into cracks and in some cases from forming at all.

There are some instances the creases are just too bad, this can be caused by the foam support breaking down behind the leather causing the leather to fold excessively. The only fix to that is having the foam replaced by your local upholstery shop. One way you can avoid excessive foam breakage is to not roll in and out of the vehicle, try sitting a little more gently, being aware of the leather. I read in a forum the other day of some one complaining about the creases and someone replied with a recommendation of a professional to fill the creases and re-dye the seat. Take it from a professional, this will not work. The only filling on seats is when the leather actually cracks and exposes the raw leather, then filler will stick and work to repair the cracks in the seat, if one was to have all the creases filled in the leather to make it smooth would, let me say it bluntly, a mess. Basically it would take to much filler and to much dye to make it look right and most of all last. The dyes and fillers are made for minimal fixes. When a repair is done on a cracked seat the finished product does not have a smooth finish, I try to make the repair look natural, like the leather is supposed to look. If the creases are too bad an upholstery shop is probably your best bet, if its just wear or cracked leather with plenty of foam to support the leather then call a professional ” Interior Guy “. If you have any questions on how to fix the creases in leather don’t hesitate to contact me.

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