In a previous post I had talked about the cloth seats in the Ford and Chrysler vehicles and how hard it was to get the bad stains out and that I was looking for a cleaner to remove these stains. I think I’ve found the secret. Foam, yes I said foam. A foaming spray cleaner with a scrub brush and towel.

I found a cleaner I get from my supplier that works great. It’s a general all purpose foam cleaner. All you do is spray it on, scrub, and wipe it clean. Sometimes a second and third application needs to be done if the seat is really dirty.
Now I said that I got this from my supplier, yes I know your gonna have a problem getting the stuff from my supplier. But, I think any name brand foaming cleaner will work though. What your doing is drawing the dirt to the surface to wipe it away, and thats what the foam does is draw the dirt to the surface.
Another thing to keep in mind if there has been something spilled and let to soak in to the seat foam then you will have a problem getting all of the stain out. What will happen is the wick effect, the underlying spill will resurface and your stain is back. But I have found with the foaming spray that it just cleans the surface and doesn’t cause the stain to wick to the top. If your stain does come back the only thing I can tell you is that your probably going to have take the seat out and hose it down to remove all the stuff in the foam, then extract as much water from the seat with a shop wet dry vac and then let it dry in the sun for a day or so.
This also works on the regular seat cloth also. Did my seats in my work van and was amazed how clean they did come, and your talking my work van, yuck.
The new interiors are nice looking, but a pain in the butt to keep clean, try the foaming spray trick and see if works, I’ve been having some pretty good luck with it so far, hope you do to. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me on how to stains out of cloth seats.

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