I get questions on occasion on whether seat covers are needed to keep a cars leather seats looking new. This is one question that I have to ask a question back before I can give a truthful answer.

” Are you going to leave them on all the time? “

If they answer is yes then I have to say that their seat probably won’t look new when they take them off say a year or two from now.

The reason for this is that seat covers may protect your leather seats from major dirt or spills but dust and dirt still get under the seat covers. When this dirt is sandwiched between the seat cover and the leather seat each time you sit on the leather seat this dust and dirt gets ground into the leather, and in some cases acts like sandpaper and actually rubs the dye right off the leather surface. Leaving you in worse shape then if you had used nothing. One other down fall to having seat covers is that they will actually act as a sponge to the oils in the leather which keep them soft. If left on for too long without replenishing the oils the leather becomes hard an brittle and will crack.

Now I don’t discourage anyone from putting seat covers on their leather seats because in all actuality they can be a great investment to the interior of your leather vehicle if, and I stress if, you take them off and clean and condition the leather seats periodically. It doesn’t take much to do this and it will make your leather seats last and look new for years to come. Take your covers off at least once a month and clean with a mild neutral ph detergent like Dawn dish soap mixed with warm water, then condition with your Lexol Leather Conditioner. This will eliminate any chance for damage from your seat covers.

Now here’s a great reason to invest in seat covers for leather seats. This one I see a lot, and that is for people that have pets that like to go for a ride. Our little furry family members are great to take along for a ride but their sharp claws play havoc on leather seats. Claw scratches are inevitable if you let your pet run around on bare leather. Another problem I have seen is body oils from your pet. Your pets have oils in their coats that can damage leather if left. I have even seen extreme cases where a dog has laid in a seat and the dye actually stuck to his fur and peeled the dye right off the seat. I also had a case where a lady had just put flea and tick stuff on their pet and they jumped up on the seat to go for a ride and the flea goo got on the seat and ate the dye right off the seat within a mater of minutes, scary what we put on our pets to keep them pest free. One way to prevent this is to either lay a towel down under your pet, which if your dog is like mine he never sits still and the towel ends up in the floor, or you can put a seat cover on. There are covers that you can just slip on and off so when your pets not with you and you don’t want to use the seat cover just slip it off and stuff under the seat.

But at least put something down for them, or I promise you, you will be calling me to fix your leather seat.

Now for those of you on a limited budget and would like to make a bad leather vehicle look great again, heres your answer…Seat covers.

Looking for a specific seat cover for a specific vehicle go to Auto Parts Warehouse and search by year make and model of a specific vehicle. No trouble shopping if you ask me. They have all kinds to choose from, and some I thought were pretty cool looking. Also they have a special going on right now Get $5 + FREE SHIPPING on purchases of over $99 or more at Auto Parts warehouse. Use this code upon checkout (5APW).

So go check it out if your needing seat covers for leather seats, and don’t forget to clean and condition your leather seats on a regular basis with Lexol Leather Conditioner to keep them soft and looking new for years to come.

Talk to ya soon, Mike “TIG”

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