BMW Steeing WheelYou just bought you a new car with a leather steering wheel and are wanting to keep it in tip top shape, so you go to your local automotive store and go shopping. You look for a cool looking steering wheel cover, find one, take it home, put it on and think you’ve done a good thing by saving you’re steering wheel from major abuse for the next few years. Wrong…really what you’ve done is more harm then good. Steering wheel covers and leather don’t mix, the oils in the leather grab any little piece of dust, dirt or grime and keeps it there tucked nicely between your steering wheel covers backing and your nice leather wrapped steering wheel. The grime is now stuck which eats into the dye of the leather and creates a sticky goo that is almost

impossible to remove when the cover is removed for resale, and in some cases removes the dye altogether. The covers also do damage in other ways as well, they can discolor the dye and leave a brown ring around the rim of the steering wheel. I’ve seen in some instances where the cover will leave an imprint in the wheel itself which can only be repaired by replacing the wheel itself. I repair and resurface a lot of leather steering wheels that have been damaged by covers. Most of the car dealers I do work for want the covers removed due to fact when a customer sees a cover they think “cover-up”, so it hurts the sale right off. I’m asked to remove them, I see the damage, and then the repair begins. My recommendation to you is to leave the cover for when your leather wrapped steering wheel does wear out and theres no other option but to replace the wheel or put a cover on it. Believe it or not your leather wheel is more durable then you think. By keeping it clean and conditioned your wheel will last you for years to come. If they do start wearing then have it resurfaced by a professional and stay away from the “steering wheel cover”.

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