As I search the internet I can’t help to see a lot of self fixes for doing interior repairs. Not to say that they are sub standard or don’t work, it’s just, they are not made to hold up. It’s a quick fix that really doesn’t fix anything. Thats where you have to break down and say to yourself do I want my car to look like it did when I bought it, or do I want to just settle. Well there are other options I promise you. Call a professional, if you don’t know one let me let you in on a small secret, call your local car dealer and ask who they would recommend, don’t just call one either, call around, dealers have their favorites, and thats good too, but this way you have a choice, and some good recommendations from the people you bought the vehicle from. Interior repair is a craft, and with the materials that are being used in vehicles today it is real easy to make a bad thing look like a real bad repaired thing, and look is what it’s all about right. So please guys, call your local auto interior repair guy and save in the long run.

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