Sorry not meaning to be so harsh, it’s just for the past two nights I have been trying to get my website back up and running correctly. So a big apology to my viewers for the glitch in the site.

The problem was in the update from WordPress.  The new 2.5 version was released with a few bugs. Now I myself should have known to wait for a little while until the bugs were worked out but I did it anyway and payed a little for it. My site was viewable, but I couldn’t edit on my end.

Now I have confidence in WordPress and I know the bugs will be worked out, and wanted to say that I Do like the new layout of 2.5. It’s going to take a little time to adjust but the layout is nice looking and things seem to be working as they should.

So I just wanted to say hey to everyone and let you know I’m back, so post your questions in the forum and let’s get back to work.

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