This is one thing that theres NOT a lot that can be done to fix. Leather has a grain, and a natural tendency to crease in a fashion that isn’t that appealing to some. Keeping the leather soft by keeping it clean and conditioning it can keep those creases from turning into cracks and in […]

Sounds like I’m campaigning for an abortion rights rally or something, but no, really all I’m saying is the choice in paint guns is your key to a good or a bad repair. There are so many choices though, you have airbrushes, gravity feed guns, siphon feed guns, HVLP guns (and for those of you […]

Paint prep is the key to success in any paint project. Whether your painting the outside or inside of your car you need to have a good grease and particle free area for your job to be a success, and success is what it’s about when your trying to make money at what you do. […]

You just bought you a new car with a leather steering wheel and are wanting to keep it in tip top shape, so you go to your local automotive store and go shopping. You look for a cool looking steering wheel cover, find one, take it home, put it on and think you’ve done a […]

Resurfacing a leather seat in your automobile with today’s leathers require a real technique and the right leather dye to achieve a professional job. There are 2 types of leather that I have seen and worked on in today’s leather car seats. You have Nubuck leather or as some call it the soft leather and […]

Here are a few tips to cleaning those old grungy looking automotive leather seats. Now there are limitations to this, in some cases the seats are just dirty and with a little elbow grease and little know how you have new seats again. But there are the cases where a professional needs to reapply dye […]

The Dash Peel. A problem I started noticing in some of the earlier model vehicles a few years back and have been fixing them ever since. The cause is the water based dyes being used on dashes and some trim pieces being lifted from the plastic by solvent based dressings and cleaners being sprayed on […]